At By Signe we strive for honest and sustainable fashion without compromise. The entire design process is sustainably fulfilled as the main collection is produced in the brands own socially responsible atelier in Turkey. Founded in the spring of 2019, ‘Moon Tekstil’ is the first of its kind; an ethical- and socially responsiblemanufacturing facility in Turkey build on European principles, applying positive changes directly to the lives of the employees and honoring the handcraft of manufacturing in a safe and healthy environment.

Only two specific garment types are produced outside of ‘Moon Tekstil’. The silk-styles and knitwear-pieces of our collections are produced by small local suppliers specialized in each their niche fiber. Both suppliers are family-run for generations and through years of experience and specializing they are therefor able to develop and produce the specific articles to perfection. Both environments, which are safe and certified sustainable, are conveniently located close by our own production for close cooperation and keeping a trusting relationship.



When selecting materials, we strive for all fabrics to be organic and certified by ‘The Global Organic Textile Standard’ (GOTS) which is recognized as the world’s leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. GOTS defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.



Whenever possible, we keep our fabrics unbleached and in natural colors. All dyes used at any time are GOTS certified and if a textile is whitened, this is achieved with oxybleach, which is a low impact, safe method of whitening based on oxygen that leaves no residue. When the finished fabric is GOTS certified, it ensures that there has not been utilized any heavy metal dyes, finishing chemicals or other toxic chemicals along the process and that they are all free from pesticides.


Cotton: Organic cotton offers maximum comfort as it is a natural, soft and healthy fiber for the skin. All cotton fabrics in our collections are certified as organic (GOTS). To meet these criteria, at least 95% of the fabric composition must be produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. Organic cotton is grown using methods that have a low impact on the environment. The soil fertility is maintained, and the amount of water needed for the production is minimized by 70% compared to the production of regular cotton. Organic cotton is grown without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. 

Organic cotton is handpicked to preserve the plants and soil carefully by avoiding  pollution from the maschines in the fields. The gently preserved cotton plants will re-bloom and therefor be harvested 2-3 times during just one season.  The cotton buds have seeds inside, and from the organic cotton these seeds are coldpressed into organic cottonseed oil which is used in cooking as well as skincare as it has many natural benefits such as being moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory.  




Recycled cotton: Recycled cotton has recently been introduced to our collection. The fibers can be obtained from previously worn clothing or leftover cutoffs from fabric production and manufacturing and therefor it offers a sustainable alternative to disposal. The recycled fibers are mixed with new organic cotton fibers to ensure preservation of strength in the final material. 

Silk & Wool: Natural fibers such as silk and wool have always been a part of our repertoire because they are clean and natural. Whenever possible we will use an organic version and always from small family-run businesses who are trustworthy and specialized in exactly the one specific material at the highest quality. These types of natural fibers make long-lasting garment with a luxurious feel, as well as they offer natural abilities such as hydration, temperature adjustment and the ability to clean itself over time.  

Accessories, labels & packaging: 


Striving to cover all aspects of our production in a sustainable manner, we substitute the regular plastic buttons with natural alternatives, mostly made from wood or seashells and the labels inside of our clothes are made from organic cotton or recycled fibers.

At the final step of the production, each individual piece of clothing is packed in biodegradable bags and all paper and cardboard- accessories such as hangtags and final packaging will be made from recycled cardboard only.

When we print catalogues and notes, the paper is recycled, and the print is Co2 neutral. 

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